Gaming Earbuds

Purple Raycon gaming earbuds let your teammates and spectators hear you while your opponents cower at the sound of your voice, thanks to a microphone optimized for gaming. With IPX5 water resistance, the gaming earbuds can hold up when a tense game has you sweating profusely. These earbuds also feature TWS True Wireless Stereo technology, which provides significantly better overall sound quality and better connectivity. And TWS also means the two earbuds can be used separately or together.


Microphone optimized for the game

Your voice is loud and clear.

31 hours of battery life

You need to charge it before they do so.

Three sound profiles

Personalize your audio for any type of content.

IPX5 Waterproof

They'll hold up when you sweat.

HyperSync Low Latency

Lossless, lag-free gaming and streaming.

Touch Control

Quick and easy access.


No more worrying about your earbuds falling out! With five gel tip sizes, you don't have to worry at all. These comfortable gaming earbuds will stay in your ears and stay with you through the toughest levels - using your Raycons to climb towards the top of the rankings!

Milliseconds are important.

Response time is always a win. We've built gaming earbuds that not only have 31 hours of battery life, but also incredibly low latency so you hear what you see is what you get. There's nothing stopping you from climbing the charts.

Be heard. Unstoppable.

Your squad is your lifeline. We make sure they can hear you loud and clear through an optimized microphone designed for gaming. And, since you're either fast or dead, our HyperSync low-latency technology ensures your commands are heard immediately.

Game on!

Gaming earbuds have been carefully designed to give you an edge over your opponents with features like touch controls and three unique sound profiles. Get the perfect sound without interrupting your game.