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Raycon Earbud Models

Everyday Earbuds

Raycon Everyday Earbuds are ergonomically designed to ensure a secure fit while ensuring fatigue-free and long-lasting ear comfort. The housing is made of satin plastic that is fingerprint resistant and easy to keep clean. 32 hour battery for all day use, no need to worry about your earbuds losing power, just charge them for an hour when you get home at night and then they're ready to use the next day. Thanks to their IPX6 coating, the Raycon Everyday Earbuds are waterproof earbuds that are suitable for any lifestyle.

Gaming Earbuds

Raycon gaming earbuds are optimized for accuracy and speed. Online social connectivity with teammates and opponents is seamless with features like HyperSync Low Latency Mode, which minimizes latency and maintains optimal response times. Touch controls and three unique sound profiles put custom audio at your fingertips, while 31 hours of battery life ensures uninterrupted gameplay. And the Gaming Earbuds stand up to sweat tests with an IPX5 water resistance rating.

Fitness Earbuds

Raycon Fitness Earbuds are the perfect workout buddy, they are lightweight, very portable, and comfortable and stable. Featuring the latest chipset and true wireless technology, they provide significantly better overall sound quality and better connectivity. Equipped with four pairs of different sized stabilizing fins to help you get the best fit, Fitness Earbuds feature a 54-hour battery life, sensory mode and an IPX 7 water resistance rating to help you stay focused during every workout.

Work Earbuds

Raycon Work earbuds are the cutting edge of truly wireless headphones! Thanks to its two-step pairing technology, they automatically connect to your device, allowing you to get rid of wires and experience true freedom in whatever you do! A set of 6 microphones distinguish your voice from background noise, so your calls are clearly visible no matter where you place them. A choice of memory foam or gel earbuds provide all-day comfort for your workday needs, and these provide up to 32 hours of power with the included charging case.

Raycon Earbuds Comparison

Everyday Earbuds Fitness Earbuds Work Earbuds Gaming Earbuds
70 71 72 73
Perfect For Day-to-day Activities Staying Fit Getting Work Done Mobile Gaming
Playtime 8 Hours 9 Hours 9 Hours 8 Hours
Total Battery Life 32 Hours 54 Hours 33 Hours 31 Hours
3 Sound Profile Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gel Tips 5 Set 5 Set 5 Set 5 Set
Noise cancellation No No Yes No
Awareness Mode Yes Yes Yes No
Wireless Charging Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vivid Voice Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes

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